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Top 3 reasons why college graduates should choose SAP HCM

Updated: Jun 27

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SAP HCM (Human Capital Management) is one of the key modules of SAP and it is also called SAP human resource or SAP human resource management system. It is an integrated ERP solution designed to manage and optimise human resource processes and operations. It also streamlines HR processes, enhances workforce management, maximises employee engagement, and maximises employee productivity. SAP HCM provides end-to-end support for HR processes, starting from employee recruitment to performance management, payroll processing, and talent management. 

SAP HCM submodules: 

  1. Personnel administration

  2. Organisational management

  3. Time management

  4. Payroll

  5. Benefits

  6. Talent management

  7. Travel management

  8. Learning Solutions

  9. e-Recruiting

  10. Employee & Manager self-service

Benefits of using SAP HCM:

  1. Improved HR efficiency

  2. Accurate and timely payroll processing 

  3. Enhanced Talent management

  4. Compliance with labour laws and regulations 

  5. Improved Employee engagement

So, Why should college graduates choose SAP HCM?

Here are 3 reasons why a college graduate should choose SAP HCM

It is not always easy to decide on a further course after one’s studies but if you have a passion for human resources and technology, then SAP HCM should be the way to go! SAP HCM or Human Capital Management is nothing but a way to manage people with the assistance of efficient tools and it is very beneficial. Here are the top three benefits that will make you pursue SAP HCM.

1. High demand and great job opportunities for people worldwide.

There is a high demand for SAP HCM experts as many organisations require intelligent HR strategies, tools, and techniques to function effectively.

Plenty of jobs: SAP is applied in all sizes of organisations including small business, medium business, and large and global business organisations. This means there are numerous opportunities for employment in so many fields or places of work.

Various roles: No matter whether your focus is on payroll, working time and attendance, or even personnel management, SAP HCM has a job waiting for you. That way you feel a lot better because you can settle for the available positions that are suitable for your abilities and preferences.

Always cutting-edge: SAP HCM continuously scales up with other latest technologies that include the current advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. What is more, you will be constantly using advanced tools to do the work which is always in high demand and the use of current tools will make you market-ready.

2. Wages, Remuneration and Career Progression

Selection of SAP HCM will provide you with enhanced chances of a higher paid job, and growth in your career.

High salaries: Another advantage of SAP HCM is that the skills are money and an increasing number of firms are seeking the services of professionals in this field which means that the payoff is higher than many of the general HR jobs.

Clear career path: Some possible job titles that you may begin with are the SAP HCM Analyst or consultant; then you may advance to more senior roles such as the SAP HCM Project Manager or the SAP HCM Solution Architect. Every rank-up involves an increase in duties and remuneration since the job entails added responsibilities.

Ongoing learning: Feel free to learn more about the available certification and training that SAP provides to enhance your expertise. Education is knowledge which means that the more you or anyone else for that matter gains knowledge, the higher the potential earning capacity.

3. Meaningful and Impactful Work

Being employed at SAP HCM is not only about the decent remuneration one is paid and the security the job provides but also about the opportunity to contribute. 

Improving HR processes: This makes human resource processes in companies more effective and makes the employees happier to work efficiently.

Supporting employees: It could help define the employee’s entire job experience from the point of initial employment, and training, to promotion, transfer, and even termination/retirement.

Leading change: By implementing SAP HCM solutions you will assist the companies to improve their stand and be in the current trend. This will allow you to be in the direct line for implementing most of the transformations that are occurring in the HR department due to digitalization.

Potential job roles in SAP HCM

Job Position

Average Salary (INR)

SAP HCM Consultant

7.8 Lakhs - 20 Lakhs

SAP HCM Functional Consultant

8.4 Lakhs

SAP SuccessFactors Consultant

10 Lakhs - 15 Lakhs

SAP HCM Payroll Consultant

6 Lakhs - 14 Lakhs

Senior SAP HCM Consultant

15 Lakhs - 30 Lakhs

SAP HCM Technical Consultant

10 Lakhs - 18 Lakhs

SAP HCM Implementation Specialist

9 Lakhs - 16 Lakhs

This salary range varies according to factors such as location, skills, experience, and qualifications. 


Taking up a career in the SAP HCM presents plenty of advantages such as a high demand for the profession, competitive salaries, and opportunities to do critically important work that is easy to trace and document career advancement. It’s important, if, like a shot of adrenaline, you wake up with passion in your heart for both HR and technology, SAP HCM.


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