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Archon Solutions Partners with KMEA Engineering College: Shaping Tomorrow's IT Leaders- Archon Launchpad

Updated: Jun 25

Best SAP and DevOps institute in Kerala

We are thrilled to share some exciting news from Archon Solutions on Archon Launchpad! In a heartwarming reunion that holds special significance for us, we have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with KMEA Engineering College, an institution where our journey began over a decade ago. This partnership signifies our commitment to nurturing talent and bridging the gap between academic studies and the dynamic IT industry.

A Personal Connection

For Archon Solutions, this collaboration is more than just a business venture. It is deeply personal. Our CEO, Mohamed Aslam, graduated from KMEA Engineering College in 2006, and this institution played a pivotal role in shaping his career. Returning to KMEA Engineering College with this partnership is a proud and emotional moment for him.

Best SAP and DevOps institute in Kerala

Empowering Tomorrow's IT Professionals

At Archon Solutions, we understand the challenges that graduate students face as they transition from the classroom to the professional world. Theoretical knowledge is essential, but practical skills are equally crucial. This is where our Full Stack Java training program comes into play.

Under the MOU, Archon will provide KMEA Engineering College's final-year students with comprehensive Full Stack Java training, following corporate standards and best practices. Our goal is to equip students with hands-on experience in developing Java applications, ensuring they are industry-ready and confident in their abilities.

A Global Perspective

This partnership comes at a crucial time when the demand for IT professionals with expertise in Java and Full Stack development is soaring. Archon recognizes the need for graduates who are not just academically strong but also industry-ready. Our training program is designed to provide a global perspective, exposing students to real-world scenarios and industry expectations.

Creating Opportunities

In addition to the training program, Archon Solutions will offer select students the opportunity to intern with us. This internship experience will allow them to work on live projects, collaborate with our team of experts, and gain valuable insights into the IT industry. We believe in creating opportunities for students to apply their skills, build a strong portfolio, and enhance their employability.

A Win-Win Collaboration

This collaboration between Archon Solutions and KMEA Engineering College is a win-win for both parties. While Archon gains access to a pool of bright and motivated young talent, KMEA students benefit from world-class training and industry exposure. We look forward to a fruitful partnership that opens up possibilities for research collaborations and knowledge sharing between the two institutions.

Building a Brighter Future Together

As we embark on this collaborative journey, we are excited about the positive impact it will have on KMEA Engineering College students' educational journey and future careers. Our commitment to excellence and KMEA's dedication to nurturing talent make this partnership a powerful force in shaping tomorrow's IT leaders.

The first batch of students will soon commence their Full Stack Java training, marking the beginning of a journey that promises to create a brighter, more skilled workforce. In an era where industry-academia collaborations are essential, Archon Solutions and KMEA Engineering College are setting an example of how organizations and educational institutions can work together to empower the next generation of IT professionals.

As Archon Solutions takes a step closer to its roots, and KMEA Engineering College prepares to equip its students with industry-ready skills, the message is clear: Together, we are building a brighter future for the world of IT.

Stay tuned for updates on this exciting partnership, and join us in celebrating this remarkable collaboration between Archon Solutions and KMEA Engineering College. Together, we will shape the future of IT, one student at a time.

Stay connected with Archon Solutions on our website and social media channels for more updates on this partnership and our journey ahead.


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