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Full stack java training at Mar Chrysostom College Of Arts And Science

In an aim to develop students with practical skills and enhance their employability, Archon Solutions is collaborating with Mar Chrysostom College Of Arts And Science  as an inspiring project – Full Stack Java Training. We're thankful to the Principal, HoD, and the management of the Mar Chrysostom College Of Arts And Science, who has given us the advantage to transform students through a futuristic program. 

Under the guidance of Principal Prof. Itty Varghese & Headed by Asst. Prof. Saramma John the Mar Chrysostom College Of Arts And Science, our aim is to make the students recognize the evolving demands of the IT industry with a responsible approach, we the Archon Solutions faculties Arathi Pradeep and Veena Subramanion will be providing the foundation for the Full Stack Java Training program, setting a standard for the future of the students. 

9 Advantages of our Full Stack Java Training:

  1. Sessions by industry experts

  2. Students will be the part of Archon’s live projects

  3. Exposure to different tools and techniques that developers uses in live projects

  4. Students are getting trained along with their normal curriculum 

  5. Don't need extra time post course completion

  6. Employability and campus placement rate is high

  7. Students won't feel freshers anymore

  8. Opportunity to work with IT professionals

  9. Experience corporate culture

Recognizing the importance of practical exposure alongside theoretical knowledge, we ensure effortless integration of the training program into the curriculum. Through careful planning and coordination, students will be able to explore full-stack development, from frontend to backend. The Computer Science Department of Mar Chrysostom College Of Arts And Science adopted this initiative wholeheartedly.

Our Full Stack Java Training program is going to impact students by enhancing their learning experience by giving them exposure to different practical tools and techniques that developer’s use in live projects. Also by accessing industry relevant projects to organising workshops and seminars, every aspect is going to be effortlessly handled to make sure students receive a real world learning experience. 

We also aim not only to teach technical skills like HTML and CSS, Javascript, Git and GitHub, Web Architecture, Backend Languages, Spring Frameworks, Databases and Web Storage, but also to remove the gap between the students' academic curriculum and the realtime work environment in the IT Industry. By the collaboration of Archon Solutions, notable for its live projects, students gain practical exposure to real-world scenarios. By working on tools and techniques of the live projects, students learned how an IT professional works in the real time scenario and prepare them for the competitive challenges of the IT industry.

One of our program's key highlights is its merging with the regular academics curriculum. By not following common training programs that demand additional time and effort from students, our Full Stack Java Training easily improve their academic objective. This innovative approach avoid the need for students to give  extra time post-course completion, which ensures a balanced academic life.

Moreover, the program remarkably upgrade students' chances of employability and campus placement rates. We equip the students with practical skills and industry exposure, as a result students transition from being normal graduates to proficient professionals, grooming them for successful careers in the tech industry. Students not only acquire technical skills but also developed a mindset favourable to innovation and adaptability, they also developed problem-solving abilities and their communication skills, essential for success in the real professional world.

All in all, our Full Stack Java Training program at Mar Chrysostom College Of Arts And Science Collaborating with the Archons solutions commitment to supporting complete progress and industry readiness among its students. This initiative will not only transform the academic environment but also encourage students to develop in the ever evolving world of technology. As graduates of this program, they carry with them not just a degree, but a wealth of practical knowledge and a mentality prepared for the future competitive environment and success in the IT industry. 

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