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Top 3 reasons why college graduates should choose SAP SD

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SAP is a fully integrated system which includes:

  • Finance and Control

  • Sales and distribution

  • Materials management

  • Production etc…

So, SAP SD is sales and distribution.

SAP SD helps us to integrate and optimise all the activities from sales through delivery and billing. There are common SAP SD processes you can follow such as sales order processing, delivery processing, billing processing, credit management, and returns processing.

SD functionalities include:

  • Organisational Structure or Data that represents the internal structure of an organisation which consists of company code, sales organisation, distribution channel, and division.

  • Master Data helps in the reduction of the risk of data redundancy by centralised master data maintenance and sharing the master data with the different SAP modules. It can be maintained as general data, sales area data, and finance or accounting data.  

  • Business processes are the end-to-end sales cycle from sales inquiry, Sales quotation, sales order, delivery, billing, and document flow.

  • Reporting

So, Why should college graduates choose SAP SD?

Here are 3 reasons why a college graduate should choose SAP SD

Every student faces difficulty in choosing the right career option after college and if you are seeking a valid and promising career path, then SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) could be a great option for you. Here’s why:

1. Larger and more attractive pay packages are two great features of high demand.

Lots of job opportunities

Companies around the globe require the services of SAP SD professionals in the management of their sales and distribution functions. This is the reason why you find a lot of jobs available for you out there!

Earn a great salary

The companies are aware that there is a scarcity of people with SAP SD skills hence they are willing to pay for your services. A relatively good deal is offered specifically when it comes to the starting base, though as the employee gains experience with the company, his paycheck would only improve from that respectable base as well.

2. Exciting career growth

Work in any industry

You can work in any industries such as retail trade, manufacturing, the pharmaceutical industries, and the healthcare industries and all these sectors require SAP SD professionals. What this entails is the fact that you can select a certain industry that you have the passion in and still have many jobs out there.

Career opportunities

As a professional specialising in SAP SD, you have a lot of opportunities to reach the top. It’s easy to advance in the company; you might begin at the level of a junior consultant, but then you can progress to the status of senior consultant or even management. Moreover, the SAP SD has many advantages and it is constantly evolving, so there will be opportunities to change something and advance in your field.

3. Involve in the business operations 

Make a real impact

In the pertinent context, SAP SD is mandatory in any business that involves the marketing of products and services. You will have to participate in key activities such as selling order processing, order dispatch as well as ordering and shipment billing. This means that the outcomes you generate for the organisation would directly influence its productivity.

Solve interesting problems

In SAP SD you will solve various business cases and provide the solution that will optimise the company operations. This makes your job more interesting and quite fulfilling because you will get to assist organisations in operating efficiently.

Potential job roles in SAP SD 

Job Role

Average Salary (INR per annum)

SAP SD Consultant

₹6,00,000 - ₹12,00,000

Senior SAP SD Consultant

₹12,00,000 - ₹18,00,000

SAP SD Project Manager

₹15,00,000 - ₹25,00,000

SAP SD Business Analyst

₹8,00,000 - ₹15,00,000

SAP SD Solution Architect

₹18,00,000 - ₹30,00,000

SAP SD BPM (Business Process Manager)

₹12,00,000 - ₹20,00,000

SAP SD Support Specialist

₹5,00,000 - ₹10,00,000

SAP SD Configuration Specialist

₹7,00,000 - ₹14,00,000

SAP SD Functionalist

₹8,00,000 - ₹16,00,000

This salary range varies according to factors such as location, skills, experience, and qualifications. 


SAP SD professionals have unlimited chances and therefore selecting the job is a good start to a brighter future. You would have a good paid position, the opportunity to work in almost any sector, and a significant contribution to business outcomes. This is a great opportunity for you, do not let it pass you, enrol in our SAP SD Program today and transform your life.

Learn more about the eligibility, syllabus, fee, etc of our SAP SD consultant program.

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