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The top 5 most in-demand DevOps certification courses of 2024

Updated: Jun 27

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Introduction to DevOps and the importance of certifications

DevOps is a method of using the Development and Operations teams in the delivery and improvement of applications and software systems to ensure they are delivered quickly and efficiently with high reliability. It is also employed to manage delivery of and development of software and its several processes, which include continuous integration, continuous delivery, and even continuous monitoring. For college graduates, individuals seeking career changes or transition, or network engineers who want to diversify their skills, the DevOps certification is a major boost. They attest to competency, improve employability and aid in establishing market frontline within the labor market. As listed below, this guide give an idea on the 5 most popular DevOps certification courses that you can take in 2024 to kick start your career in DevOps. So here, we will discuss about the in-demand DevOps certification courses in 2024.

Top 5 most in-demand DevOps certification courses

DockerCertifiedAssociate (DCA)

Why it’s in demand:

Widespread adoption: Docker is used extensively in diverse industries to enhance the handling of the application in using containers.

Foundation for modern DevOps: Docker has grown into an extremely skilled DevOps approach because proficiency in implementing the modern fundamentals is indispensable.

Containerization trends: New, more flexible architectural patterns such as microservices and containerized applications require Docker knowledge.

How it helps your career:


Skill validation: The certification brings credibility into your docker skills especially for candidates that aims to work under organizations that embracing containerization.

Job opportunities: Helps you compete more effectively for positions in organizations that are already deploying Docker to build or manage applications upon.

Career growth: Alters the prospect of enhanced job positions in DevOps, cloud engineering, and IT operations for creating solid career routes.

Nature of job:

Application containerization: Translating virtualized systems into Docker-based applications that can be implemented uniformly in development, testing, and production environments.

Automation: Ways of applying containerization such as utilizing automated spreads in order to make changes in the delivery of applications.

Troubleshooting: Specifying and managing various concerns that can occur within Docker containers, making sure the applications are running smoothly in containers.

Integration: Partnering development and operations to align with Docker usage in CI/CD pipelines and DevOps solutions.

2. Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)

Why it’s in demand:

Standardization: Kubernetes serves as the container orchestration platform and is currently used in vast industries with great success rates.

Scalability: Businesses are utilizing Kubernetes so as to address the operational complexities of massive, containerized, application workloads.

Cloud-native adoption: With more business moving to cloud born architectures, the demand for Kubernetes beliefs is still on the rise.

How it helps your career:

Skill validation: Kubernetes clusters are significant for contemporary cloud-native applications, and the right management excerpt demonstrates that you can efficiently manage them.

Career advancement: Creates the possibility to obtain highly-senior positions, for example, Kubernetes Administrator, DevOps Engineer, or Cloud Engineer at the leading companies.

Increased demand: Strengthens employment likelihood as many organizations look for workers to deploy and manage their Kubernetes systems.

Nature of job:

Cluster management: Provisioning of the Kubernetes environments, setting up of Kubernetes clusters, and management of Kubernetes clusters.

Application deployment: Overseeing the deployment, scaling and constant monitoring of applications that have been containerized.

Problem-solving: Handling problems associated with the clustering capabilities, network communication, and security techniques.

Best practices implementation: Verifying that the Kubernetes deployments generate proper Kubernetes resources with optimal security, efficiency, and reliability characteristics.

3. Microsoft Certified: Azure DevOps Engineer expert

Why it’s in demand:

Growing popularity of Azure: Microsoft Azure is one of the most popular cloud services since it continues to gain market share each year.

Comprehensive DevOps solutions: Microsoft Azure implements the widely used DevOps tools and services through various features which are useful to enterprises.

Enterprise adoption: Azure DevOps is implemented in many large organizations, and organizations are promoting certifications, and thus its practices will continue to grow in the future.

How it helps your career:

Validated expertise: Proves your ability to use various cloud tools to assemble DevOps supplying employers with competent workers.

Enhanced job prospects: Creates prospects for specialists working in organizations using Microsoft Azure or aspiring to start using it to improve or establish a DevOps system.

Career advancement: IT managers require candidates to be well versed with managing and automating Azure environments, an area in which you can excel to qualify for more senior roles and responsibilities.

Nature of job:

Implementing DevOps practices: The best of Azure tools and services that can be used when implementing and enforcing DevOps principles such as CI/CD pipelines.

Infrastructure automation: Implementing infrastructure and application environments as well as deploying applications automatically on Azure so as to achieve efficiency and quality.

Monitoring and optimization: Monitoring and automating compliance and performance of applications hosted in Azure to guarantee their security and efficiency at all times.

Collaboration and integration: In order to facilitate integration and deployment of applications designed within development group and operated in a similar manner within operations group.

4. Google Professional DevOps Engineer 

Why it’s in demand:

Growing popularity of GCP: Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is one of the most popular cloud service providers that organizations switch to due to a vast number of useful services and reliable servers.

Demand for cloud skills: Therefore the need to advance your expertise in GCP as organizations are shifting towards the cloud service in large numbers to avail services to their clients.

Focus on automation and efficiency: Employers want talented candidates who can use GCP tool to reduce the number of processing steps while guaranteeing the necessary level of performance.

How it helps your career:

Validate expertise: Tells employers you can effectively apply and supervise DevOps protocols by using Google Cloud, making yourself useful in their organizations.

Enhances job prospects: Provides entry points into organizations that either employ or are expecte to embrace GCP since the positions are usually associated with better paying jobs.

Industry recognition: This provides you with visibility among your peers within the DevOps community and others who may custom-consult you for your expertise in one of the leading cloud platforms.

Nature of job:

Managing GCP infrastructure: Provision, Control, and orchestrate resources within the Cloud environment for efficient deployment and elastically of applications.

Implementing CI/CD pipelines: Create and sustain an ongoing integration of a delivery procedure on the Google Cloud Platform for effective software release.

Monitoring and optimization: Utilize the monitoring tools available in GCP to monitor the performance problems or any existent issue that needs fixing for efficiency and cost optimization in the cloud platform environment.

Ensuring security and compliance: It aims at providing basic security to the GCP environment; this will involve putting in place security measures and following compliance to the recommended standards within the GCP environment.

5. AWS-certified DevOps Engineer - Professional

Why it’s in demand:

Dominance of AWS: AWS is among the most popular cloud service companies and is widely used by various organizations around the world.

Growing cloud adoption: Huge industries and organizations are shifting their data and applications to the cloud due to factors such as cost-effectiveness, reliability, etc., which in turn has created the need for individuals with AWS certification.

Complex cloud environments: They are the skills involved when managing and automating AWS environments that this type of certification seeks to grant.

How it helps your career:

Validation of expertise: Gives them a view of your ability to architect, install, and oversee intricate DevOps solutions in the AWS environment.

Career advancement: Creates a chance to have senior leadership positions in cloud engineering and DevOps.

Higher earning potential: The AWS personnel, thus, stand to gain higher salaries as they possess specialized training and expertise knowledge.

Nature of job:

Continuous delivery systems: Continuous delivery is the practice of building reliable software delivery pipelines, using methods like test automation and feature-toggling, with the aim of improving the quality of software delivery to production environments in AWS.

Automation: In essence, assuring that security controls are operative, compliance checks accurate, and infrastructure managed proactively.

Monitoring and logging: Responsible for technical monitoring and logging, as well as for the management of the system and organization of its processes.

Collaboration: Strengthening the integration with related departments and ensuring the optimization of deployment channels. 

Certificate Comparison


Job Role


Why It’s In Demand

Salary Expectation (per annum)

Docker certified associate (DCA)

Docker Engineer, DevOps Engineer

Basic understanding of Docker, 6-12 months of Docker experience

Widespread adoption of Docker for containerization, essential for modern DevOps practices

₹6,00,000 - ₹12,00,000

Certified kubernetes administrator (CKA)

Kubernetes Administrator, DevOps Engineer, Cloud Engineer

Basic Kubernetes knowledge, hands-on experience with container orchestration

Kubernetes is the de facto standard for container orchestration, high demand for managing cloud-native applications

₹8,00,000 - ₹15,00,000

Microsoft Certified: Azure DevOps Engineer expert

Azure DevOps Engineer, Cloud Engineer

Experience in Azure administration and development, familiarity with DevOps processes

Growing market share of Microsoft Azure, demand for skilled professionals to manage Azure DevOps environments

₹10,00,000 - ₹18,00,000

Google professional DevOps Engineer

Google Cloud DevOps Engineer, Cloud Engineer

Experience with Google Cloud Platform, understanding of DevOps principles

Increasing adoption of Google Cloud Platform, need for DevOps practices on GCP

₹9,00,000 - ₹16,00,000

AWS certified DevOps Engineer - professional

AWS DevOps Engineer, Cloud Engineer

Experience in AWS and DevOps practices, familiarity with automation and CI/CD

AWS's leading position in the cloud market, high demand for AWS DevOps expertise

₹12,00,000 - ₹20,00,000


To Conclude, why you should consider a DevOps career opportunity: First, there is cut throat competition for DevOps jobs and the salaries are comparatively higher and there are numerous opportunities to explore. Certification in DevOps provides you a defined route for professional acknowledgment in addition to improvement of your career. Based on current trends in the IT market, acquiring a DevOps certification is not only a wise and effective decision for a college graduate, or an experienced professional that wants to make a career change, or Network engineer seeking to enhance their education, but also opens up a promising path in the rapidly developing field of DevOps.

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