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How To Build A Career In Ai

There is an AI boom going on in the market and you want to build an AI career and add AI to your resume but there is not much clarity on various AI career roles. Did you wonder how Alexa, Siri, Self-driving cars, face recognition, and more…. Works? It is because they use Artificial Intelligence (AI). So in this blog, you will learn about how to build a career in AI, steps to build a career in AI, tips to build a career in AI, the scope of an AI career, and the benefits of AI careers.

Before choosing a career in AI, ask these questions yourself.  

[Note: In these questions even if your answer is no it doesn't mean that you cannot build a career in AI. These questions are for choosing your career in AI. For eg: If you don't have strong skills/interest in coding you can go for non-technical roles such as AI product manager, AI Ethicist, AI sales Executive and many more. And If you have strong skills/interest in coding go for Data scientist, AI Engineer, NLP Engineer, CV engineering, and ML or OPS engineering, and many more.]

If you have coding skills or interest: Go for technical roles

If you don't have coding skills or interest: Go for non-technical roles

  • Are you good or have an interest in maths/statistics? No - ML/OPS Engineer, Yes -go for technical roles

  • How do you rate your computer engineering skills? Strong  - AI Engineer, Average - Data scientists 

  • Do you have skills in natural language and linguistics? Yes NLP Engineering 

  • Do you have skills in computer vision? Yes - CV Engineer

  • Do you have skills/interests in creating regulations or guidelines? Yes - AI Ethicist 

  • Do you have product management skills? Yes - AI product Engineer

  • Do you have sales skills? Yes - AI Sales Rep

Steps to build a career in Artificial intelligence (AI)

  1. Start to learn with the fundamental materials

  2. Learn from AI professionals 

  3. Build your soft skills

  4. Focus on learning Data science, Machine learning, Deep learning, NLP, Computer vision, Cognitive computing

  5. Pursue a valuable certificate in AI (Artificial Intelligence)

  6. Make sure to get a credential in data science, machine learning, and deep learning

  7. Practice Live projects

  8. Acquire practical Experience

  9. Pursue a valuable certificate in AI (Artificial Intelligence)

  10. For students after 12th, Complete a bachelor's degree in computer science, data science, or AI

Tips to build a career in Artificial intelligence (AI)

  1. Build in-depth knowledge of the basics of Artificial Intelligence.

  2. Build skills in Data Engineering, Programming languages, Calculus, Statistics & Linear Algebra (Mathematics), Neural Network Architectures, Signal Processing Techniques and many more

  3. Get hands-on experience

  4. Enrich your knowledge with AI videos, books, and blogs on YouTube

  5. Learn about AI-related career opportunities

  6. Develop your technical skills

  7. Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the field

Fields in which you can work after building a career in Artificial intelligence (AI)

  1. Machine Learning Engineer

  2. Data Scientist

  3. AI Research Scientist

  4. Robotics Engineer

  5. Natural Language Processing (NLP) Scientist

  6. AI Ethicist

  7. Business Intelligence Developer

  8. Research Scientist

  9. Big Data Engineer/Architect

  10. Software Engineer

  11. Software Architect

  12. Data Analyst

Benefits of Building a Career in AI

In the coming future, the scope for AI Engineers is really high. In the next 5 years, sit back and see how AI is changing the world. At the same time, people who don't know how to make use of Artificial Intelligence will miss the opportunity to be the AI tech giants in the coming years. 

  1. High demand for skilled AI engineers

  2. AI engineers can work in vast varieties of industries such as Hospitals, finance, manufacturing, IT, ETC…

  3. An AI Engineer or Artificial Intelligence engineer makes an average salary is about ₹24,65,817 per year.

  4. In the next 5 years, AI will be the most wanted technology in healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and transportation, creating new opportunities for AI engineers.

  5. New AI-powered industries will emerge in the next 5 years 

  6. The demand for advanced robotics and automation will rapidly increase.

  7. The tech giants such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, IBM, Intel, Nvidia, Tesla, … are constantly looking for skilled AI engineers.

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