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Archon Solutions ventures into the UK in 2022

Updated: Jun 21

Archon Solutions is all set to open its new office in the UK by end of 2022. Our UK division will focus on offering IT solutions and expertise to financial, banking, telecom, automobile and transportation industries.

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We, the leading SAP software implementation and training company are happy to announce the launch of our new branch in the UK end of 2022. This will be our 4th endeavor worldwide, successfully doing business with IT giants.

IT career and tech skills will always be dominant and trending. Of all the technologies in the market today, SAP is an inevitable part of any industry. We are glad that we are keeping up with the trend "SAP"!

Our journey was not always amazing and incredible. We had our share of ups and downs. But with adamant persistence we have acquired gradual and sustainable growth in the last 9 years!

We had a humble beginning in 2013 in Cochin, India with a handful of employees. Gradually we started multiplying in numbers. All these years, we all were working in unison, equipping ourselves to accomplish our dream to expand across the globe. Almost a decade down the line, when we look at the incredible journey we have had, we take great pride in our Indian, Australian and Belgian offices, our projects, its employees and our work culture.

Its time to take a step forward and we are extremely thrilled to welcome our UK office staffs into the Archon family.

To repeat our success, UK we are coming!!


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