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Career Launchpad - AI Engineer Program



Course Duration -  30 days

Course fee - 20000/-


Python Basics

Python Advanced

Machine learning Basics


Intermediate ML+SQL

Course Duration -  60 days

Course fee - 50000/-



Intermediate ML

Data Visualization

Feature Engineering



Mini Project

Advanced SQL+

Course Duration -  60 days

Course fee - Rs 50000/-


Advanced SQL

Deep Learning

Generative AI Foundation

Computer Vision

Time Series

Data Cleaning



Duration -  30 days

Features of our ai course

Online Course

Live Session 

Job vacancy Network


Unlimited Access to materials


The answer is NO. It is true that most of the organisations are going to switch to AI (Artificial Intelligence) but AI is only going to change the nature of work and create new opportunities just like computers did. When computers were invented people were scared of losing their job but instead unlimited job opportunities have arised. AI is not going to replace your job, but instead people who know AI will. So be the one who knows AI and stay relevant in the amazing future. A rapid technological revolution will happen in the next 5 years. So be ready to face those revolutions in order to be competitive and to successfully build a life in the coming AI Revolution. 

Do you think taking up an AI course is a waste of time?

An average salary that an AI Engineer (Artificial Intelligence engineer) makes is about ₹24,65,817 per year. Almost in all the industries the scope for an AI engineer is really high. At present or in the future we cannot imagine a world without AI in any industry whether it's Banking, Healthcare and Medicine, Cybersecurity, Business, Education, Finance, HR, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Transportation, food industries, and many more… This is the beginning era of Artificial Intelligence with wide opportunities, so when you start building your AI career now, you will be the leader in AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the next 5 years and we can't even imagine how AI is going to transform our life.

So, What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial Intelligence

AI is a tool that can perform tasks like big data analysis more efficiently and accurately in no time or in limited time and make good decisions. Did you wonder how these Alexa, Siri, Self driving cars, face recognition and more…. Works? It is because they use Artificial Intelligence (AI). It can be used in many ways in many industries from factories, hospitals, self-driving cars, finance, retail coding etc… In simple words Artificial intelligence (AI) is the use of human intelligence processing by machines especially computers to perform complex tasks. 

6 reasons to take up the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Course. 


AI is the fastest growing field - AI will have the fast growing jobs over the next 5 years and the demand for AI specialist is expected to rapidly increase in next 5 years


AI is challenging and competitive - AI specialists continuously learn, adapt, and innovate, creating a challenging and competitive field.  


AI is a high paying job - An average salary that an AI Engineer or the Artificial Intelligence engineer makes is about ₹24,65,817 per year which will again increase in coming years.


AI can be applied to almost anything - Consider social media, Google search, Netflix, Digital voice assistants, smart home devices, Banking and many more... being extremely  beneficial in day to day life. 


In-demand AI skills - We train our students with in-demand Artificial Intelligence (AI) skills like Python, Machine learning, Data Analysis, Deep Learning and many more. 


Prepare you for the future - The artificial intelligence course will prepare you to systematically and strategically contribute to machine learning and AI features in your projects and applications. 

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