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All you need to know before choosing SAP as a career

Updated: Jun 28

SAP (Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing) is a promising career at least for the next 2 decades. SAP is an IT field that welcomes enthusiasts with a bachelor's degree with no pre-requisite to have an IT background as eligibility criteria. Let's dive into what is in store for you if you opt for SAP as a career path.

“Life is a matter of choices and every choice you make makes you”

Who can choose sap?

Not everybody is a tech expert. Not everybody has an education in IT.

But let that not stop you! You still can be an SAP Consultant.

SAP is an IT career path that opens doors for individuals from all educational backgrounds. There are a handful of options to choose from if you have a bachelor's degree in any area.

Of course, you have wider options if you have a specialization in IT, MBA, Finance or CA. The below table summarizes the educational background or professional experience required as a pre-requisite to make you eligible for an SAP career.

​SAP ERP Component

​Educational Background or Professional Experience




​Procurement, logistics or supply chain management (SCM)


​Sales and marketing


​Production and operations management, Engineering degree in any discipline


​Human resources management


​Computer science or computer engineering

sap career trajectory

SAP like any other IT industry offers great growth opportunities with an immense learning curve. Your growth and learning are directly proportional to the number of SAP implementations you get to work in. The below graph will give you an idea of what your SAP career graph can look like over the years.

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Average Salary in sap career

The graph below will give you a rough idea on what salary to expect at various phase of an SAP career. The figures given in the graph below is an average annual package offered in the Indian market today. These figures can be more fascinating based on your skills, expertise and the organization you work for. Of course, opportunities abroad will be a different ball game where the remuneration can be mind-boggling.

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