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Archon Solutions Conducts Faculty Training for Naipunniya College on ERP and SAP

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Archon Solutions, an IT finishing school and software development company, recently conducted a faculty training and upgrading session for Naipunniya College of Management and Technology Studies. The session was focused on ERP and SAP, and was designed to educate the college faculties on various technical and functional modules of SAP.

The training session was delivered by Murshid C H, a senior SAP FICO consultant at Archon Solutions. With his vast experience in SAP, Murshid was able to deliver an insightful and engaging session that covered various aspects of SAP. He shared his knowledge on SAP's technical and functional modules, and provided valuable insights on how to implement these modules effectively.

During the session, the faculties of Naipunniya College had the opportunity to learn about various SAP modules, including Financial Accounting (FI), Controlling (CO), Sales and Distribution (SD), Materials Management (MM), and Production Planning (PP). They were also introduced to the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and its benefits for businesses of all sizes.

The training session was highly beneficial for the faculties of Naipunniya College, as it enabled them to gain an in-depth understanding of SAP and its various modules. The faculties were able to learn about the latest trends and advancements in SAP, and how these can be used to improve the efficiency and productivity of businesses.

Archon Solutions would like to extend their gratitude to the faculties and management of Naipunniya College for giving them the opportunity to conduct this training session. Archon is committed to providing high-quality training and consulting services to businesses of all sizes, and this session is a testament to their expertise in the field of SAP and ERP.

In conclusion, Archon Solutions' faculty training and upgrading session for Naipunniya College on ERP and SAP was a great success. The session provided valuable insights and knowledge to the faculties of the college, and enabled them to better understand the benefits of SAP and ERP. Archon Solutions looks forward to conducting more training sessions in the future and helping businesses achieve their goals with the power of technology.

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