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Join the Archon Affiliate Program: Empower and Earn

Unlock Your Potential with Archon Solutions

At Archon Solutions, we believe in making thoughts work. This isn't just our motto; it's a philosophy that guides our innovative IT training programs. We specialize in offering cutting-edge courses like SAP FICO, SAP MM, SAP SD, SAP HR, Full Stack Java, AI, Python, Machine Learning and DevOps. These courses are designed to propel aspiring professionals in Kerala into the next phase of their tech careers.

Why Become an Archon Affiliate?

Becoming an affiliate with us isn't just about earning; it's about empowering. As an influencer in the tech community, you have the unique ability to inspire and guide others towards their career goals. By partnering with Archon, you extend this influence, helping your followers access top-tier IT training while also enjoying the financial benefits of your efforts.

How Does it Work?

  1. Unique Reference Code: Upon registering with us, you'll receive a unique reference code.

  2. Create or Use Our Content: Flex your creative muscles by crafting your own content or use our tailor-made, reference code-embedded materials.

  3. Spread the Word: Share your content and code through your preferred channels - be it a tech blog, social media platforms, YouTube, or podcasts.

  4. Earn and Empower: For every student who enrolls using your reference code, you earn INR 2,500. Plus, your followers benefit too, receiving a discount of INR 2,500 on their course fee.

The Archon Advantage

  • Targeted Courses: Your followers can choose from our specialized courses, each one a gateway to a thriving career in IT.

  • Practical Learning: We don't just teach; we transform thoughts into action, making learning applicable and career-focused.

  • Community Building: By aligning with us, you're not just promoting a course; you're fostering a community of tech enthusiasts and future leaders.

Ready to Make Thoughts Work Together?

Join us in our mission to elevate IT education in Kerala. As an Archon affiliate, you're not just part of a program; you're a key player in a movement. Empower, inspire, and grow with us. Apply now to become an Archon Affiliate and start your journey of empowering and earning today!

Let's Get Started

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